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About us

As the future of technology grows and privacy gets violated globally. Mentaltoys.com specializes in API integration and data encryption that tailors your needs for secure transactional processses and redundancy.

We work with platforms and their API's to easily integrate networks and minds alike. We are champions in agile development and we scrum the scrum daily.

Paola Wolowitz

Scrum Master
"I never imagined I would enjoy what I do so much. Technology is ever evolving and every thought can lead to innovation"

Conrad Morales

Ruby on Rails
"My methodology is simple. Dont be a fool and do it right. Drink coke not coffee"

Jack Briane

jQuery Ninja
"My code is clean and easy, like me"

Peter Merson

API Genious
"The more you tell me what you dont want. The more I know what you do"

Our Services

We spcialize in transactional APIs that are PCI and HIPAA compliant.

Transactional APIs

Paypal, Quickbooks, Netsuite... How would you like to manipulate transacions online?.
We will set up offshore accounts for you as well as different currencies such s bitcoin and Euros. Legally.

Email Privacy

Enable reliable and scalable delivery of your transactional emails. Secure your email so that your privacy and your companie's privacy can be safe.

Reputattion Protection

Google yourself or your company... Do you like what you see?

Cloud Systems

Not all clouds are made out of air. We make sure you are HIPAA and PCI rockin'

Recent Works

We have worked with many public and private companies since 2001.

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Your privacy is ours. If you would like to have us sign an NDA prior to speaking please let us know.

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